Easy way to earn online

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Facebook is banned by BD govt. But it is possible to browse FB by some proxy software like Ultrasurf v9.95. Download & install this software and browse FB by using internet explorer.Download link http://ultrasurf.en.softonic.com/

How to install Joomla using XMAPP?

Step1. First download the XAMPP software from http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html. Then install  the XAMPP software correctly.

 Step2. Open the XAMPP control panel from start menu. A new window will be open. Then click all the start button & finally click the admin button of MySql. Create a new data base. Here data base name dtest.

Two simple suggestions to improve Ubuntu

Everyone seems to know that you don’t upgrade Ubuntu straight away but rather wait one month so that major bugs can be fixed. If that’s acceptable, then my first simple suggestion is for the update manager to not prompt the user to upgrade until the stable release has been out for a month (or whatever time frame works. It could even be dynamically flagged when ready).

Create Simple Lan in Linux

root@localhost~# cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts + press enter + vi ifcfg-eth0 + a new page will be open + press i + write beside IPADDR= + write beside NETMASK= press :x + press enter + service network restart + press enter

Now for test write below line

root@localhost~# ping (another pc ip) + enter

Reply from pc for correct configuration

Reply from bytes 32 time= 80ms TTL 128
Reply from bytes 32 time= 80ms TTL 128